Netflix will be the new home of WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw, in 2025

It’s a great time to be a pro wrestling fan. The industry is going through a bit of a boom period, with many companies churning out quality content on a regular basis. Hardly a week goes by without fans enjoying at least two or three well-scripted displays of athleticism and slapping each other’s chests.

If you have a wrestling fan, now is the best time to become a professional wrestling fan Netflix subscribe because the streaming service is coming soon The new home of WWE’s flagship show in the US and almost all programs in other territories. Starting in January 2025, Netflix will begin live streaming Monday Night Raw Every week in the US, Canada, UK, Latin America and some other countries, more to watch.

The deal is even sweeter for those outside the US, as Netflix will stream WWE’s other two main weekly shows. NXT and To defeat, to lay on the ground – along with the main events Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. WWE documentaries, other original series and future projects will hit Netflix internationally starting next year.

Looks like Peacock will stay Home of the WWE library and major live events in the US for the foreseeable future. Peacock’s parent also owns NBCUniversal Raw‘s current broadcaster, USA Network (it’s unclear where the show will air between the expiration of those broadcast rights in the fall and the Netflix partnership that begins in January). It will be the home of USA Network To defeat, to lay on the ground It starts this fall when the show moves from Fox. NXT, currently also airing in the US, moving CW.

NBCUniversal and USA Network will reportedly pay $1.4 billion To defeat, to lay on the ground rights over five years, and The CW will pay between $100 million and $125 million NXT during the same period.

Apparently, the Netflix deal is way ahead of them. according to multiple reports, the company is paying WWE $5 billion over 10 years. That’s said to be more than double what NBCUniversal is currently paying WWE Raw rights. So was Amazon said that he is in negotiations to be Rawof new house.

This marks a huge shift for both WWE and Netflix. This will be the first time in its 31-year history Raw the show does not air on network television. But the wrestling company took a huge risk by switching to a pay-per-view model own streaming service ten years agothis could work out very well for WWE as it looks to grow its already large fan base.

“This deal is transformative,” said Mark Shapiro, president and CEO of WWE parent company TKO. “It combines the unmissable WWE product with the extraordinary global reach of Netflix and locks in significant and predictable economics for many years to come. Our partnership is fundamentally changing and empowering the media landscape, dramatically expanding WWE’s reach and bringing weekly live matches to Netflix.

Meanwhile, this is a big first for Netflix. The company only started doing live content last March Chris Rock stand-up show. It has been on the air ever since live award shows and sports events several timesalthough forced Cancel the second attempt at live streaming due to technical problems. Raw It marks Netflix’s first major push into live sports (or sports entertainment), and it’s set to become the company’s first live weekly streaming show.

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