You can try the IRS alternative to Turbo Tax in 12 states today

April is right around the corner, so if you haven’t already been stressed about filing your taxes, you probably will any day now. Thanks to the lovable (read: terrible) tax lobby and the politicians who take their money, the tax headache is American as apple pie. The IRS is trying to make things a little simpler Direct File toola free digital application that provides step-by-step guidance for taxpayers filing their returns, Associated Press reports. The The IRS announced this tool for the first time He was coming back in October.

To clarify, yes, even this development still requires you to file your taxes and figure out how much you owe (why tell us when we can estimate?), but it should be a simpler process and save you some money. However, it is not open to all. The IRS the pilot program is available to residents of 12 states and only those in basic tax situations — we’re talking basic W-2s and standard deductions. Other potentially eligible reports include SSA-1099 Social Security income, Child Tax Credit, and student loan interest. The IRS has a complete list compliance requirements and is a tool check if it fits.

Direct File is available to residents of Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Washington, Arizona, California, Massachusetts and New York. The last four also require state tax returns, so residents who use Direct File will be redirected to tools to file when they’re done. Alaska was initially in the mix, but has seemingly dropped since last year’s announcement.

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