Neil Young is returning to Spotify after boycotting it over Joe Rogan’s vaccine comments

Neil Young then returns to Spotify boycott He said the platform was new two years ago blog post. Canadian singer Joe Rogan left the platform for vaccine misinformation on his podcast and later said get bored with Spotify’s “crap” sound quality anyway.

Because Rogan has a podcast, the young man is back is no longer exclusive on Spotify. “My decision came as Apple and Amazon music services began introducing the same disinformation podcast features that I oppose on Spotify,” he said. The Joe Rogan Experience.

There’s no way he could pull his catalog from Apple Music and Amazon either, he added, “because my music would have very little distribution for music lovers in general.” Young also said he hopes Spotify will improve the sound quality, while also giving a shout out to Quobuz and Tidal for making their songs available in high quality.

“Spotify, you can do it! Truly be #1 across the board. You’ve got the music and the listeners! Start with a limited premium tier and build from there!” he wrote. (Spotify has announced that it will launch a HiFi tier In early 2021but he hasn’t done it yet.)

Fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell joined Young in the boycott, and her music is still unavailable on the platform. Both had reason to be angry about vaccine misinformation on Rogan’s show polio victims – was a disease deleted in North America thanks to vaccines.

It’s hard to say how Young’s boycott affected Spotify, but it certainly affected its finances. Last year, Billboard is estimated removing his songs from Spotify cost him nearly $300,000 in lost music and publishing royalties.

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