Sea of Stars is getting three-player couch co-op, but we don’t know when

Everyone’s favorite Chrono Trigger– great RPG, Sea of ​​starsgets . Publisher Sabotage Studios has released a trailer for an upcoming feature called Single Player+.

As you can see, there is an independent passage for each party member, so everyone stays in the same general area. It seems that a party member will not be able to sidestep to get power from another map. The trailer doesn’t show combat, but the publisher promises that each player will control their own avatar during battles and teases something called “co-op timed hits.” This is likely a two- and three-player version of the earlier timed hits system that games like and Paper Mario.

The new mode is currently in development, and the publisher hasn’t revealed availability information or said it will be a free update or paid DLC. However, it’s a safe assumption that couch co-op will appear on every available platform, including Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

Sabotage Studios also shared a significant milestone today. Sea of ​​stars got an amazing result since launched. It probably helped strong reviews, incredible words and of course snagging .

I’m one of those five million and let me tell you, the hype is real. The Chrono Trigger the vibes are heavy, with gorgeous pixel graphics and a world map ripped straight from a beloved 1995 JRPG. I went into this game with a lot of skepticism, thinking I’d grown out of turn-based RPGs. Sea of ​​stars proved him wrong. It’s just so charming. This also happens this throne should further strengthen the cooperative regime.

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