More fallout from the Digital Markets Act

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) limits the power of big platform owners, but it could also create new revenue streams (and some drama) for those big names. Companies that lure users outside of the Play Store will have to pay Google a portion of in-app purchases and subscriptions. I’m sure everyone will take it as rational as Apple announced it.

At the same time, , worried that the gaming giant won’t play by its own rules. It points to tweets made by iPhone maker (Epic CEO) Tim Sweeney, showing that he doesn’t believe in the company’s rules. Apple has more or less loudly said that they can’t trust Epic, especially given that they agreed to work within Apple’s rules and then very clearly broke those rules.

– Dan Cooper

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You can buy it without a prescription in summer.

The as the first over-the-counter wearable continuous glucose monitor. The device will go on sale this summer to help people who don’t use insulin to manage their diabetes. I was surprised to learn that a UK start-up called Zoe had sold implantable monitors as part of a weight loss program for many years and that they were no longer available for purchase.

Shane Jones has previously blown the whistle on AI images.

Microsoft’s rush to incorporate AI into consumer products has prompted whistleblower Shane Jones to sue the FTC. They wrote on the body that Copilot Designer can be used to create inconsistent images and . The Windows giant and OpenAI previously said there were powerful tools available to dissuade the model from creating some of the gruesome images Jones allegedly created.

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