MLB The Show 24 features women ballplayers for the first time

this year’s edition of The MLB Show it’s only been a few weeks, and Sony’s San Diego Studio has shed more light on what to expect. For the first time in the series, you’ll be able to create and play female gunners in Road to the Show mode.

Road to the Show: Women Make Paths will feature a special story where you can build a career as a professional female baseball player. While it will include all the usual features of Road to the Show, this version of the mode will be buddy-themed and feature “a unique storyline for women following a lifelong friendship that develops in professional baseball.” PlayStation Blog post.

Your career path will be different in each game. San Diego Studio has added new commentary, MLB Network segments and other features related to this new addition to the game.

Other major sports games have added female players over the past few years, including FIFA (now EA Sports FC), NHL series and NBA 2K. Good to see MLB The Show joining them.

In addition to, The MLB Show 24 will be keep showcasing the stories From the Negro Leagues in partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The final installment of the series will feature 10 new Negro League Legends, each with their own storyline. Among those players was Toni Stone, the first woman to play full-time in the leagues.

Meanwhile, MLB The Show will remain strange position It is a game developed and published by Sony Coming to Game Pass on the release date. Subscribers will be able to play The MLB Show 24 Free from March 19 on Xbox consoles and through the cloud.

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