The 256GB Google Pixel Tablet with charging dock is cheaper than ever

Google’s Pixel Tablet can also serve as a smart display for your home, and if you’ve ever wanted one, today. The company’s official Amazon store is selling the 256GB Pixel Tablet with charging dock for just $449 — $150 less than retail and the lowest for the device on the website. This is the first tablet Google Tensor G2 chip, which provides AI-powered features like high-quality video calls and smooth streaming, among other things. The 11-inch device is also the first tablet where you can use Chromecast as an additional display.


Get the Google Pixel Tablet for $150 off Amazon.

$449 on Amazon

As a smart display, the Pixel Tablet can serve as a digital photo frame or control center for your smart home devices. Its charging port can keep it charged 24/7 and you can also use it as a speaker when you want to play music. We gave the tablet 85 points our view, praising it mainly for its capabilities as a smart display. It responded well to our commands – if you want to use it to control connected devices with your voice, just wake it up by saying “Hey Google”. Along with that, it also comes with a Hub mode that creates a dashboard, shows your smart devices, and provides a quick way to monitor your security cameras or turn lights on and off.

We tried using the tablet as a TV replacement because it has the ability to act as a Chromecast receiver. While it works as Google promises, be careful with the tablet placement so you can stream movies and shows. As a tablet, the device runs the full Android operating system and can run any app for the platform. It’s a better smart display than a tablet, but we still found the device enjoyable to use.

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