Google is laying off hundreds of workers who sell ads to big businesses.

Days later resignation Google is cutting “hundreds of roles” in its ad sales team, which has more than a thousand employees from its Pixel, Nest, Fitbit, Google Assistant and core engineering divisions, a company spokesperson told Engadget on Tuesday.

“Each year we go through a rigorous process to structure our team to best serve our Advertising clients,” the company said. “We coordinate with the right specialist teams and sales channels to meet customer service needs. As part of this, several hundred roles are being eliminated globally, and affected employees will be able to apply for open roles within the team or elsewhere at Google.

A spokeswoman declined to share the exact number of workers affected by the layoffs or where they are located. It was news reported first by Business Insiderit obtained a memo that Google’s chief business officer, Philipp Schindler, sent employees on Tuesday.

Google’s latest cuts continue downsizing trend In tech companies losing thousands of jobs in 2023. For example, Amazon laid off hundreds of workers at its video game streaming service in the first two weeks of this year. Twitch, Prime Video, MGM Studiosand Loud. Controversy, Meta, Unity and Duolingo In 2024, they also laid off workers.

in December, Information informed Google said it plans to restructure its 30,000-strong ad sales unit in favor of using machine learning to help customers get more ads on flagship products like Google Search and YouTube, where the company gets the bulk of its revenue. . Most of the company’s layoffs today will focus on its ad sales teams, which sell ads to large businesses.

Meanwhile, the company reported It threw millions of dollars in stock to select researchers at DeepMind, its artificial intelligence unit, to stop them from challenging rivals like OpenAI.

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