Former Call of Duty designer to lead new NetEase studio

It’s been a tough year for the gaming industry so far , projects are cancelled and . There are some glimmers of light in the darkness thanks to a few surprise hits like Palworld and Helldivers 2, there are still some studios open. One of these BulletFarma new NetEase studio led by a former Call of Duty multiplayer designer.

Studio head David Vonderhaar will use his work experience Call of Duty: Black Ops his latest project, a series for a co-op game set in the original universe. The studio aims to offer “a new take on first-person gameplay.” Vonderhaar describes the project as “a departure from the games I’ve worked on, but one that demonstrates my passion for rich characters, accurate mechanics, more intimate stories, and plenty of action.”

BulletFarm is currently hiring for the project, and despite being headquartered in Los Angeles, it’s the first studio to work remotely. This could make BulletFarm an attractive prospect for game developers who have lost their jobs in the past few months and are unable to relocate to Southern California.

The gaming industry is said to be cut off Since the beginning of 2023, there are many talented people looking for work. A new studio won’t solve this huge labor problem, but it’s a step in a positive direction.

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