An Apple modder added a USB-C port to the AirPods Max, and you can buy a kit to do the same

This is no secret apple is slowly moving away from the Lightning connector and embracing USB-C after the European Union forced its hand. while many accessories, iPad and even the iPhone now use USB-C, AirPods Max is still in Lightning Land. However, engineer Ken Pillonel (formerly of USB-C iPhone and AirPods (before Apple did) created a USB-C connector for headphones.

Pillonel found it easy to remove the Lightning connector and leave a perfectly sized hole for the USB-C cable. Then he made a custom circuit board and found the right connector to make everything work. Pillonel managed to charge AirPods Max via USB-C on the first try.

Unfortunately, wired USB-C audio is not possible via this mod. Doing so would require a $35 chip from Apple’s own adapter, Pillonel notes. At this point, you can just buy a USB-C headset. So this mod is only really worth it if you want to charge your AirPods Max via USB-C, which means one less reason to lug around a Lightning cable.

AirPods Max are three years old and are probably due for an upgrade. Any future model may have a USB-C connector Comply with EU regulations. However, if you’re willing to work with your existing headphones (or even replace a damaged Lightning connector), you can download the circuit design and purchase all the other parts you need. Everything is mentioned in the description Pillonel’s YouTube video and directions it’s on his website. Alternatively, you can get a set directly from the Pillonel store.

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