A year of NordVPN Plus is just $55 right now

If you’re on public Wi-Fi, you need to access geo-restricted content, or you just want to add an extra layer of privacy to your internet connection, you might want to use a VPN service. NordVPN is one of the most popular providers and currently a digital code that gives you access for a year NordVPN Plus It sells for $55 on Amazon. Throws one of our plan top password managers, NordPass. For comparison, note that currently one year of Plus service costs $72 directly from Nord. Of course, the best deals the company offers are on its two-year plans. Two years of Plus is currently $60 from Nord — so you’re still saving $5 with Amazon’s deal, plus you’re committed to the full two years.


Getting service through Amazon is currently cheaper than going directly through Nord.

$55 on Amazon

If you want VPN coverage without a password manager, you can get the standard service. this $45 for one year access, a $15 savings after purchasing direct from Nord. And if you’re only interested in a password manager, two years NordPass is down to $35that’s $5 less than going through Nord’s site.

We named Nord’s password manager one of the best for cross-platform use in our guide to those services. The service keeps your credentials secure while making it easy to access your checkout no matter what device or operating system you’re using. It also enables biometric logins, making it even easier to retrieve your saved passwords.

As for Nord’s VPN, like all such services, it masks your IP address and encrypts your data to and from the destination. It also blocks your ISP from seeing information about your browsing. Remember that VPNs cannot protect against other security risks, such as phishing and identity theft. Nord’s VPN service was not interrupted in our tests The reason for such services is partly because we think the price is a bit high for the features provided. This agreement removes some hesitation and we found the service is fast and based on WireGuard, one of the more secure protocols. But the lack of open source software for most of its products and the high customer data privacy rating prevent it from being the best we can recommend. The first service on our list was ProtonVPN. Right now $72 for one year only from the service. The package, which includes a password manager, e-mail and other services, is currently $120 per year.

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