A two-pack of Google’s Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E mesh routers has dropped to $220

The Google Nest Wi-Fi ProWhat we call the best choice for beginners in Wi-Fi systems, it’s on sale for $220 for a two-pack. That’s 27 percent off, the best price it’s had all year and only $20 more than the lowest price it hit on Black Friday last November. Two sets shall cover 4,400 square feet. You may want to if you have a particularly large home or difficult areas due to thick walls or other obstructions three packs. This set is down to $319 after a 20 percent discount.


Google’s user-friendly mesh Wi-Fi system is selling for $80 off its list price.

$220 on Amazon

Mesh Wi-Fi systems allow you to add small nodes distributed around your home, solving many connectivity problems including low-end ISP-provided equipment and dead zones in remote or awkward corners. The Wi-Fi 7 standard has just been released, but so far few devices support it, and the speeds the protocol can potentially deliver (with price tag) is likely for the average household. Wi-Fi 6E, on the other hand, is mature and much more affordable. It has the ability to deliver superior wireless performance to the home for those coming from previous Wi-Fi generations.

Ours overview, Engadget’s Daniel Cooper noted that the Nest Pro system is neither faster (though very fast) nor more customizable than its competitors, but it’s one of the more affordable Wi-Fi 6E systems out there. It is quite simple to use even for people who have never worked with network routers before. The Nest Pro should especially appeal to anyone who’s bought into Google’s smart home ecosystem, as it makes good use of the Home app, where many of your automated controls may already be available.

One of the biggest selling points is Google’s promise of regular software updates, meaning you should be able to set up the system and not have to think about your Wi-Fi configurations for a few years.

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