Tesla will unveil a robotaxi on April 8, according to Musk

Tesla unveils Elon Musk’s robot taxi on August 8 announced at X a few hours later Reuters has published a report that it is a car manufacturer disrupts their plans to produce low-cost EVs. Reuters also said Musk’s directive was to “go all-in” on the company’s robotaxis, which is built on a small car platform. Tesla is promising a more affordable EV, with prices expected to start at $25,000. for yearsand Musk said as recently as January that he was optimistic about the future of the model In the second half of 2025. In response to the report, the head of Tesla he tweeted “Reuters lies (again)”.

He didn’t specify which part of the report was false, but given Tesla’s confirmation that it demonstrated robotaxis, he was likely referring to the news organization’s claim that the company had pulled the plug on the company’s more affordable EV. Currently, Tesla’s cheapest car is the Model 3, but it starts at $39,000. It will be interesting to see how the company’s robotaxis will work with a camera-only system fell Radar and other sensors that robotaxi companies like Waymo used extensively in driver-assistance technologies a few years ago.

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