Fujifilm updates its TikTok-famous compact camera

Fujifilm’s X100V has become a big hit on TikTok for some reason. This made it difficult to buy, despite the small form factor and retro Fuji appeal. Fortunately, the company is here Earn Money offers an improved update, 40.2 megapixels X100 VI. While keeping the same retro shape, it has a much faster shooting speed, in-body stabilization, 6.2K 30p video, and more. In terms of video, it can also shoot 4K at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps.



Fujifilm’s X100VI is available for pre-order now in silver or black for $1,600, with shipping scheduled for early March 2024. Got money for fuel? Desperate for a TikTok cache? The company is also offering a special edition version “embossed with Fujifilm’s corporate brand logo since its founding in 1934” for $2,000.

– Matt Smith

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Can a smart watch free up doctors’ time?

A project in the UK investigated whether the wearable Garmin Venu 2 (and a dedicated companion app) could save doctors and nurses six minutes each time. The six-minute walk test (6MWT) can diagnose and monitor a number of cardiovascular diseases. This includes conditions such as pulmonary hypertension, which can be fatal if left untreated. However, this project reduces the test to a simpler minute.

As the research was funded by the British Heart Foundation, a charity, the watch had to offer good value for money, and Garmin, with its established health research division, gave the team “confidence in the accuracy of the sensors”. Research shows that cutting the test to one minute has no detrimental effect on its results or accuracy, and patients are more likely to take the test regularly if they can do it at home.

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The retailer plans to grow its advertising business with Vizio’s TV systems.

Walmart is buying Smart TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion, the retail giant announced as part of its latest earnings report. While Walmart has long been a major seller of Vizio TVs, the company says the acquisition “enables the rapidly expanding profitable advertising business” through the company’s SmartCast OS. The companies plan to merge their advertising businesses, with Vizio increasing Walmart’s access to more consumer data, such as viewing data. The contract must be approved by the regulator.

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All four models can retain 80 percent of their original charge after 1,000 cycles.



Apple announced Tuesday that its latest iPhones can retain 80 percent of their original charge after 1,000 cycles — double the company’s previous estimate — without new hardware or software updates. And since timing is everything, the change will arrive in time for upcoming EU regulations that will set an energy rating for phones’ battery longevity.

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Some tiers in the UK, Canada, Australia and Turkey will soon be more expensive.

Twitch is raising the price of subscriptions for the first time after laying off nearly 500 employees and reducing how much streamers earn from Prime subscriptions. The service says it’s “updating prices in several countries to help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs and reflect local currency fluctuations.” The first markets to feel the impact of these changes are the UK, Canada, Australia and Turkey. On the plus side, broadcasters will have the same revenue share, so they’ll earn more from subscriptions in those regions.

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