The Xbox Series S Starter Bundle is on sale for $220

The is our recommendation for for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s a great entry point to modern games. Even better, the most budget Xbox is on sale at Target. There is a price for the starter pack It makes the Series S an even sweeter deal.


The Xbox Series S and three-month Game Pass Ultimate bundle is down to $220, making it a relatively inexpensive entry point to modern gaming.

$220 at Target

The Xbox Series S Starter Pack comes with three months of Game Pass Ultimate access (a $51 value). Thus, it has everything you need to dive into modern games, saving the screen and a decent internet connection. The latter is especially important because the Xbox Series S is a fully digital console. There’s no disc drive, so you won’t be able to insert an Xbox 360 or Xbox One disc and play it. Instead, the Series S relies entirely on digital downloads and cloud streaming.

The Series S isn’t as powerful as its sibling, the Xbox Series X. Although you can often play at resolutions higher than 1080p, the Series S won’t shoot 4K visuals natively. Given its dedicated 512GB hard drive, the S Series has half the internal storage of the X Series.

This means you’ll either have to delete games more often to make room for new ones, or use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s cloud streaming feature more often. Subscription service from first-party names (eg series, and ) to blockbuster third-party games (various Assassin’s Creed titles, , and ) to murderous Indians (, Venba and ).

Microsoft also announced when it will begin bringing Activision Blizzard titles to Game Pass after purchasing the publisher in October. Diablo IV does adds even more value to one of the best subscription services in the game.

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