Meta will make advertisers cover Apple’s 30 percent fee on boosted Facebook and Instagram posts

businesses and influencers will begin paying the cost of the 30 percent fee, he said Facebook and Instagram get paid when they pay to promote their posts on their iOS apps. Apple in 2022 applying the 30 percent discount from digital purchases to boosted posts, claiming they are effectively in-app purchases. Meta already passes these additional costs on to advertisers.

Starting later this month in the U.S. and later this year in other markets, Apple will take over the counting of enhanced writing through apps. When the 30 percent levy kicks in, it will cost more for advertisers. and iOS apps. Instead, they can charge Apple via mobile web or desktop.

Meta says its hands are tied as it either has to play by Apple’s rules or remove enhanced typing from its iOS apps. “We don’t want to remove the ability to boost posts because that would hurt small businesses by making the feature less visible, potentially depriving them of a valuable way to promote their business,” he said. wrote in a blog post.

Those who don’t mind paying extra to promote posts through iOS apps also have to go through a different payment process. They will have to add prepaid funds to their account and pay for the boosted posts before they publish the ads, not after they run.

If advertisers add prepaid through the Facebook or Instagram iOS apps, they will be subject to Apple’s 30 percent service fee. Alternatively, they can add funds to their Meta account on the desktop or mobile web. This way, Meta says, they can use the funds to boost posts “from any medium, including the Instagram or Facebook iOS apps at no cost.”

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