Sonos’s Arc soundbars are $180 off just ahead of the Super Bowl

Let’s be honest: you deserve better than just sticking to your TV’s built-in speakers. Of course, modern TVs can (and do) produce decent sound find good deals for some in minutes), but most people would be better served with the right home theater setup. And, with The Super Bowl is in the right cornerSonos picked a good time sells many of its devices. One of the particularly noteworthy discounts is the price discount Sonos Arc. The company’s top-of-the-line soundbar has dropped $180 to $719. This is eligible for Black Friday pricing.

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The Arc combines sleek design, killer sound quality and Sonos technology in one of our favorite premium soundbars.

$719 at Sonos

Sonos Arc is one of us favorite premium soundbars. It has a sleek design and offers excellent sound quality. Unfortunately, there are some downsides. The Arc only has one HDMI input, so your TV is the only device you can connect directly to it. While the soundbar ties in with the rest of the Sonos ecosystem, allowing you to add some of the company’s other speakers around, expanding the setup can get expensive pretty quickly.

It does, however, sell Sonos subwoofers included Subgeneration 3. That’s down from $799 to $639. The Sub Gen 3 pairs perfectly with the Arc or several other Sonos products to help you build a complete low-end home theater system. In the meantime, it’s worth it Here’s a look at the rest of the sale Sonos has slashed prices on other speakers as well as some bundles.

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