You can now buy a Playdate console without an obscene waiting period

Since then, the Playdate console has been hard to come by because the pre-orders far exceeded the current orders. This led to long wait times when ordering a crank-adjacent portable. As the manufacturer announced, today everything is changing when purchased.

Playdate also hit a major milestone as over 70,000 pre-orders shipped, Manufacturer Panic says it has finally “caught” all Playdate pre-orders, but this wide availability may not last forever. The company said only a “limited number” of consoles are available for immediate purchase. The Shipments arrive in two to three days.

Panic says that moving forward, it will notify the public when Playdates are in stock and ready to ship. On the other hand, the store will clearly indicate when the stock is low and there is a waiting period.

The manufacturer has opened shipments to several new countries, including Hungary, Greece, New Zealand, South Korea and Malaysia. This last one is especially important because Malaysia is where the console is actually manufactured. It’s always nice that the people who made the thing can use it.

Panic is planning another video showcase to introduce upcoming games for the system. More details about this event will be provided later. The last one and introduced a number of strange but attractive titles.

Playdate for the uninitiated a It’s cute and bright yellow, with a hand-operated crank that can be used as a control mechanism. Each $200 console comes with 24 free games that unlock two each week for 12 weeks. you can also get the games through

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