YouTube TV gets a 1080p Enhanced option that offers better video quality

YouTube TV users get a selection of high-quality videos for everything from watching their favorite shows to live gaming. Google is introducing a new setting called 1080p Enhanced for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels subscribers. The 1080p Enhanced setting enhances the existing 1080p60 resolution with an improved bitrate.

Google has confirmed the update Reddit user wrote about it on the platform. According to the answer, the 1080p Enhanced setting “delivers our highest video quality.” Reddit users who already have access to 1080p Enhanced report that the resolution is available for all the same channels as 1080p60, such as Paramount and Syfy. A 1080p Enhanced option also follows YouTube Premiumimproved video quality for subscribers on the company’s original platform.

In this case, any YouTube TV and Primetime Channels subscribers with an updated 4K-capable streaming device should access the option by going into the video quality settings. However, Google discovered a bug that prevented users from manually selecting 1080p Enhanced. However, the company says the bug does not affect image quality and is working to fix the problem.

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