Ring announces a new battery-powered doorbell with 3D motion detection and improved visuals

The ring has renewed its popularity Battery Doorbell Plus outdoor camera. The Battery Doorbell Pro It’s an improvement in almost every way, as is usually the case when companies slap a “Pro” on the end of a name.

Ring says this new model is its “most advanced battery-powered doorbell” yet, and it’s packed with features. even surpassing his wired doorbells. It boasts 3D motion detection powered by the company’s included radar Stick Up Cam Pro. Otherwise called “Bird’s View,” this technology follows the path of an object through the camera’s field of view, so you can track where visitors are going and the route they took to get there.

This is combined with an algorithm that sets more nuanced and discrete motion alerts, so you won’t get pinged every time a cat or shadow crosses your yard. You also get something called a “Bird’s Eye View” that translates this information to a number of points to an aerial view of your property.

Visuals have been improved. The camera records 1546p HD+ video and has some enhancement features to make the image sharper. Ring says the doorbell’s dynamic image processing and high-efficiency compression deliver “vibrant color and sharpness, whether you’re watching Wired View or video from the night before.” To that last point, there’s a new tool called Low-Light Vision that provides “clear color” videos even in the dark.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro also includes a noise cancellation algorithm so you can hear who’s at the door, not just a truck. As the name suggests, it runs on a rechargeable battery rather than plugging into your home’s electrical system. The Ring is owned by Amazon, so you get Alexa functionality and Echo Show integration. The company would also love to have you join it Ring Alarm Pro subscription plan for cloud storage, packet alerts and internet backup in case of power outages.

If you’re hesitant about Ring products because of where your data will go, the company recently the policeman withdrew from his friendly position about video sharing. Amazon says Ring’s home doorbell division will stop agreeing to warrantless police requests from users for video doorbells and surveillance footage.

The doorbell will be available on March 6 for $230, with pre-orders going live today. Ring Alarm Pro subscription costs $20 per month or $200 per year.

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