Apple has reportedly made foldable iPhone prototypes

Given how the smartphone market has evolved over the past few years, this is no surprise explores the possibilities of making it foldable . Sure, the company’s research lab has all kinds of weird and wacky gadgets, but a new report has shed some light on what Apple has been up to with foldables out there.

according to , Apple has created a two-fold foldable iPhone prototype, although work on the form factor is still in the early stages of development. If Apple were to move forward with foldable iPhone models, they likely wouldn’t hit the market until at least 2026. .

According to the report, there are two main problems that could prevent Apple from selling the foldable iPhone. First, its engineers have not yet been able to solve the technical problems of foldable smartphones. For what it’s worth, the first Samsung Fold had a gap between the two halves of the screen . Second, Apple designers are said to have found it difficult to create features for the foldable iPhone that would make it an attractive enough option for consumers. This is important given the higher prices of foldables compared to phones with more traditional form factors.

Another point of concern for the engineers is that they are said to want to make each side half as thin as a regular iPhone, so that when folded it is about the same thickness. But given battery sizes and screen limitations, the technology isn’t quite there yet.

Apple is trying to produce a foldable smartphone . It looks like Apple’s first foldable device, if it chooses to release one, will be the iPad. This is less risky for the company than developing a foldable version first. There’s no need to worry about the thickness of Apple’s foldable iPad. The tablet doesn’t have to meet high standards in drop tests either. Apple is said to have been developing a foldable iPad since at least 2020.

However, there are still some issues when it comes to the foldable iPad. Engineers are said to be working on a solution for a crease in the center of the screen after repeated folds. Apple is also reportedly trying to make sure the screen is completely flat when unfolded, with no bumps in the middle. It took Samsung several years and several iterations of folding parts to develop a hinge that bridged the gap between the two halves. and .

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