The latest Apple Pencil with USB-C charging falls to a new low

Apple’s latest Pencil with a USB-C charging port, which has only been available since November, is currently on sale for the lowest price we’ve ever seen. You can catch it Amazon for $69you save $10 (13%) off the regular price of $79.


Apple Pencil USB-C has dropped to its lowest price ever.

$69 on Amazon

The USB-C model It’s Apple’s most budget-friendly pencil to date, costing $20 less than the original model and $40 less than the second-generation Apple Pencil. Despite the lower price, it offers the same accuracy as these models, along with lower latency and tilt sensitivity. It even includes hover feature support for M2 iPads, which lets you preview any lines before applying them to your sketch or notes. You can also magnetically attach the USB-C Apple Pencil to the side of supported iPads.

It lacks pressure sensitivity, so serious crafters may want to stick with the 2nd generation model. It also lacks wireless charging, and you can’t double-tap it to change drawing tools. Still, it’s Apple’s first full USB-C Pen, and it has a lot to offer for most users — especially at the $69 price point.

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