Apple Vision Pro users will have to go to a store to reset forgotten passcodes

Can you imagine having to send mail on a $3,499 gadget because you forgot the password you set it to use? customers who buy Apple Vision Pro they may need to do this if they forget their device’s password. according to Bloomberg, the company tells buyers that the only way to reset their code is to go to an Apple Store or send the mixed reality headset to AppleCare customer support. After that, Apple will reset their codes so that they can use their devices again.

whom Bloomberg notes that if the user enters the wrong code too many times, their device will be disabled and they will have to wait until they can try again. If they still can’t recall it after that waiting period, they’ll force Apple to reset its code, and the company’s doing so will erase all content on the headset.

It should be noted that some users Apple discussion forum It’s still blocked even though they entered the correct password – it’s not clear if this is a bug affecting some units – so the problem could happen to anyone. According to some other posts, Apple’s Genius Bar employees use an accessory called the Developer Strap, which the company sells to developers for $299, to attach to iPads or laptops so they can reset the headset. At least in one case, Apple Geniuses reports failed to reset had to replace the user’s headset and it completely.

The process of changing the headset passcode may change in the future – the recently released Vision Pro is, after all, the first iteration of a new product category. For those who have already purchased it, we hope it will be rolled out via a firmware update rather than an upgrade in the next version.

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