Joe Rogan’s new Spotify deal

The biggest podcast in the world pisses off a lot of people, but it’s still the biggest podcast in the world. Now the man behind The Joe Rogan Experience Signed another deal with Spotify 250 million dollars. The deal allows the broadcaster to distribute Rogan’s podcasts on additional platforms, including a video version for YouTube, but it also includes a revenue-sharing deal based on ad sales if Rogan burns through those hundreds of millions too quickly.

Rogan has been a regular source of controversy since signing up, particularly with ill-informed COVID reviews, prompting doctors and scientists to demand that Spotify update its disinformation policy. Spotify has claimed that it is not responsible for Rogan, that it is a platform, not a publisher. Now that Spotify will publish Rogan’s projects elsewhere, what will his defense be next?

– Matt Smith

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Its lenticular optics create ghostly 3D avatars.



Apple uses a stereoscopic 3D effect to make your virtual eyes look more lifelike in Vision Pro EyeSight external display. It has an expanding optical layer and a lenticular lens layer over the OLED screen, so exposing the panel reveals “very oddly squeezed eyes”. The optical nature of the added layers also explains the EyeSight display’s matte output. iFixit opens up the headphones to find out how Apple does it all.

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And there may be a special program soon.

According to leaked information, Google may change the name of its AI chatbot from Bard to Gemini. It would make sense for Google to do so — the company unveiled its new multimodal AI model, Gemini, in late 2023. A February 7 changelog shared by Android developer Dylan Roussel mentions that there will be a paid Gemini Advanced level. is available. It also mentions the Gemini app for Android.

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The SLIM lander has remained dormant since then.



Japan’s SLIM lander managed to relaunch more than a week after it tumbled upside down on the moon’s surface – but now it’s dormant during the lunar night and may never wake up again. A lunar night lasts the equivalent of two Earth weeks and can be colder than -200 degrees Fahrenheit. His chances of recovery are not great, but still more once surprised us.

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