You won’t be able to use a Bluetooth mouse with Apple Vision Pro

Apple released a new product Friday night for the Vision Pro, and it clarifies what accessories will or won’t work with the headset. Although Apple says it’s compatible with “most” Bluetooth keyboards, including its own and those from other manufacturers, the Vision Pro doesn’t support Bluetooth mice. Vision Pro owners will use Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

The Apple Vision Pro officially hit the shelves yesterday, and there are hundreds available at startup. With eye and hand tracking for precise navigation and control, there is absolutely no a need for the mouse, but some people would probably want to use it for certain tasks. However, it is compatible with many other accessories that are essential for certain experiences, such as game controllers. According to Apple, “All MFi (Made for iPhone) controllers work with Apple Vision Pro. This includes Xbox, PlayStation controllers, and any controller that works with iPadOS.”

And while it supports Bluetooth keyboards, you may need to upgrade if you’re using an older Apple keyboard. According to Apple, older models that use removable batteries will not work with the Vision Pro.

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