Niantic is bringing an AR skateboarding game to Apple Vision Pro

Pokémon Go created by Niantic Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Company another player in the AR gaming space to create SKATRIX by Rodney Mullen. For the uninitiated, Mullen is a professional skateboarder and is credited with creating a number of iconic tricks, including the ollie and kickflip.

It’s the first augmented reality skateboarding game ever, unless you count using a real skateboard to speed around town to catch pocket monsters. Pokémon Go. Niantic says the game will involve players traversing the real world to “explore and collect skatepark items.” The game will use the same AR precision elements as the company’s other titles to “turn the world into an infinite skatepark.” A gameplay demo shows an avatar skating through real-world locations inside parking lots and washing machines. But there is one really expensive elephant in the room.

The and not exactly suitable for taking out of the living room, let alone the house. You’ll also look pretty silly wearing Apple’s oversized ski goggles, not to mention that it’d be super easy to rip it off and run, maybe on a real-life skateboard.

To that end, Niantic and Reality Labs are also bringing the game to standard mobile devices, including iOS and Android smartphones. Much of the game is still under wraps, but Niantic promises that players will be able to share custom skateparks with other users on both mobile devices and mixed reality headsets.

SKATRIX by Rodney Mullen will be released sometime this year. As for the Apple Vision Pro, the device gets all kinds of apps. There will be a headphone jack in the beginning, Everything, Apple says it will for tomorrow’s release.

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