YouTube’s paid Music and Premium services now have more than 100 million subscribers

YouTube It reached a new stage with Music and Premium offers. Paid services have more than 100 million users between them Including those on free trial as of January. That’s an increase of 20 million members in just over a year, and the figure It has doubled since September 2021. YouTube has successfully increased the numbers $2 per month increase for premium entered into force last summer.

It’s unclear how many people actually use YouTube Music (Premium includes access to that service). Compared to Spotify, which had 220 million Premium members as of September 30, the music streaming service has far fewer paying users. Spotify will announce its latest membership numbers in its earnings report next week. Apple is no longer increasing the number of Apple Music subscribers. It was the last company number issued by the company for service 60 million subscribers back in 2019.

Regardless, the comparison between YouTube’s paid service and Apple Music and Spotify Premium is hardly similar. YouTube Premium is something that has its advantages. Once you’ve gone premium, it can be difficult to go back to the worse ad-laden free version of the service. The option to download videos and the background playback feature are very useful for offline viewing without resorting to workarounds. YouTube Music is an added benefit for many members.

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