The Short Message is free, bite-sized and available now for PS5

Silent Hill it’s back, and sooner than you’d expect. Sony and Konami have teamed up to create a new title in the series as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. The best, Silent Hill: A Brief Message it’s free and you can play it today.

The game brings the series bang to the day. First, we see the protagonist Anita using a smartphone. After receiving a text from a friend, he enters a run-down apartment block. But this is no ordinary building. There are rumors of suicides there, and it’s not long before Anita discovers “strange, otherworldly places haunted by a crooked monster.”

This is the first one several new Silent Hill games those in the pipeline. Producer Motoi Okamoto wrote about it PlayStation Blog that Short Message It started as an experimental project to help new developers who were fans of Silent Hill get hands-on experience with the franchise. The team also wanted to explore how social media could fit into a psychological horror game. Konami and Sony decided to release it for free to help newcomers to the series understand what it’s all about (hint: scary stuff).

Meanwhile, Sony and Konami have also introduced a new look Silent Hill 2 remake Bloober Team is developing. Unfortunately, there is no timeline yet for the arrival of this project.

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