Tesla is recalling Cybertrucks because their accelerator pedals could get stuck

There is a Tesla announced a recall National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for approximately 3,878 Cybertruck vehicles warning discovered. Apparently, the truck’s gas pedal cover can become dislodged and jammed with the inner ring. Based on the videos showing the problem, a faulty accelerator cap can slip due to excessive lubrication, jamming one end into the slot, and it’s still attached to the pedal. This means that even after the driver lifts his foot, the car can accelerate at full speed and get stuck.

Tesla said in a statement that it will replace and repair the pedals free of charge if necessary. The automaker will send notices to owners of the recalled Cybertrucks in June, but drivers who want their vehicles repaired as soon as possible can also call the company’s customer service number at +1-877-798-3752. If asked for reference, they can say that the recall service number for their release is SB-24-33-003.

Cybertruck buyers were recently informed that their delivery was delayed and Tesla reportedly plans to issue a recall due to a problem with the car’s accelerator. This came after an earnings call earlier this month in which the company revealed It experienced a drop in shipments for the first year since 2020. Tesla did not share exactly how many Cybertrucks it shipped, but its shipments were down 20 percent from the fourth quarter of 2023 and eight percent from the same period. a year ago. A few weeks later, news came from the company Laying off more than 10 percent of the workforce to reduce costs and increase productivity. While all of this information has only come out over the past month, Tesla is already expecting a leaner year, with Elon Musk previously warning shareholders that they will see “significantly lower” sales growth in 2024.

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