Indie platformer Celeste gets a short, free 3D spinoff for its sixth anniversary

It’s been six years since Maddy Makes Games was released , a challenging yet heartfelt 2D platformer that is one of the most memorable indie games of the past decade. was one . To celebrate the anniversary, the studio created a 3D spinoff that you can play for free right now.

Celeste 64: Mountain Fragments has many hallmarks of the original game. You’ll once again control Madeline as she tries to navigate a difficult terrain, only this time there’s an extra dimension. Madeline can jump, jump and climb dangerous floating platforms while avoiding jumps and traps. There is for fans to discover as well. As usual, Madeline’s movement is smooth and based on some brief experiments, Celeste 64: Mountain Fragments it’s a nice, fresh dose of the universe.

“Relive the magic of Mount Celeste with Madeline in this small, friendly 3D platformer,” Maddy Makes Games said in the game’s description. “It was created in a week Celeste the team will celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary.”

Not surprisingly, given the popularity of the original game in the speedrunning community, there are already players . Some already reach the finish line in less than a minute, it took one player over 26 minutes to complete a 100 percent run (on the first try) by finding all the collectibles. Best of all, composer Lena Raine made it inspired Super mario 64 and Super Mario Sun it departs from the original Celeste score.

Celeste 64: Mountain Fragments Available for Windows and Linux. You can download it . Meanwhile, Maddy Games is preparing its next project. it is scheduled to arrive this year.

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