The Xbox Series S is just $230 right now

If you couldn’t get it Microsoft Xbox Series S with this discount past holiday season, you may want to check out the Dell website. The digital-only media console is currently on sale for $230, $70 off its retail price of $300. While it can’t play disc games, your $230 will get you 512GB of SSD storage and a wireless Xbox controller. The console supports variable refresh rates up to 120 fps, and you can use it to stream shows and movies in 4K while running games at a maximum resolution of 1440p. You only need to download the apps you have access to, including Disney+, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.


We called the Xbox Series S the least powerful console of our generation overview, we found it capable of incredibly smooth gameplay. Even with the improved framerate, current and previous-gen games played like butter when we tested them. The S series also starts up quickly, and a feature called Quick Resume lets you pick up where you left off without suffering through endless loading screens.

Storage may be an issue, as it doesn’t come with a disk drive, but you can expand it by getting a 1TB card that Microsoft made with Seagate. You can also use the Game Pass subscription service, which gives you access to a library of hundreds of titles. The bottom line is that the Xbox Series S is the perfect console if you’re looking to go all-digital, and this is your chance to get a unit without paying full price.

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