Naughty Dog’s behind-the-scenes documentary on The Last of Us Part 2 arrives February 2

The Last of Us Part II Remastered arrived last weekand if the cut-scene commentary from the game’s director, writer, and main cast wasn’t enough for you, here comes another behind-the-scenes piece from Naughty Dog. Grounded II: Making Our End Part II, a making-of-the-game documentary will be available on YouTube on February 2nd at 12:00 PM ET, as well as the game itself. There is currently a trailer for the remastered game, and a full documentary will be added via a downloadable patch. That patch will also include some new skins for Ellie and Abby in the main game.

development of The end of us part II it was difficult to say the least – Naughty Dog humiliated its staff to finish the game, but still was delayed many times. Plus, the main scenes of the game contained extensive spoilers The game was leaked weeks before launch and the team had to make do With the Covid-19 epidemic while finishing everything.

As a result Grounded II The trailer Naughty Dog released a few weeks ago suggests that all of these topics and more will be added to the documentary — though Naughty Dog will only handle the crisis in a way that doesn’t reflect badly on the studio or Sony. . This caveat aside, the previous one Grounded documentary covering the development of the original Our last It was a pretty in-depth look at how things work at a PS3 game studio. So, while we’re no doubt about to get a sanitized version of the truth, fans of the game will likely be interested to hear first-hand how the studio decided to make controversial story choices and how the fallout from the leaks affects the game’s gameplay. start.

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