HP Enterprise was hacked by the same Russian state-sponsored group that targeted Microsoft

It was HP Enterprise leaked Last year, a hacking group linked to Russian intelligence revealed the business IT company to the Securities and Exchange Commission. giving. The dangerous actor is believed to be Midnight Blizzard, also known as “Cozy Bear”. recently broken Email accounts of several senior executives and other employees at Microsoft. The same hacker group was behind it SolarWinds attacks It affected many government agencies, including the US Treasury Department and Homeland Security. In addition, the National Security Agency accused him of an attempt in 2020 Steal research on COVID-19 Vaccines from USA, UK and Canada.

HPE said in its filing that it was notified on December 12, 2023 that an attacker had gained access to its cloud-based email environment. It worked with external cybersecurity experts and determined that the threat actor was able to access and steal information from various departments, including a “small percentage” of email accounts belonging to cybersecurity employees. HPE did not say what data was stolen, but it believes the incident is related to an earlier security breach in May 2023, where a bad actor was able to get rid of “a limited number of SharePoint files.” SharePoint is a document management and collaboration platform for Microsoft 365.

HPE spokesman Adam R. Bauer informed about it AP the company cannot say whether the incident is related to Microsoft’s data breach. Bauer also said that “the total volume of mailboxes and emails accessed is still being investigated.” So far, HPE’s investigation has shown that the attack has not had a significant impact on its operations, but it is still investigating the incident and working with law enforcement.

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