Positive Grid Spark Live is a 4-channel all-in-one PA and guitar amp

Positive Grid has already proven its mettle for guitar amps smaller and smaller entries in it Spark line. But for NAMM 2024, it’s going to be big Spark Live, a 150-watt portable PA system with four speakers and four-channel audio input. More than a quiet solo practice, Spark Live is designed for group practices or small gigs.

The first channel is dedicated to the guitar and has almost the full power of Positive Grid’s modeling technology at its disposal. There are eight different preset-combinable 33-amp models and 43-effect built-in models easily accessible from the main control panel.

The second channel has a 1/4-inch / XLR combo input and has customized presets and effects for bass, vocals and acoustic guitar. There are preamp models as well as new effects unique to Spark Live. The third and fourth channels are stereo dual direct inputs. There are amp models or effects, but you can work directly from a synthesizer, amp simulator pedal, or even just a backing track from a computer.

There is also a sensor inside that allows you to dynamically change the EQ depending on the position. When vertical, the Live has a more direct and punchier tone. But when placed on its side, it provides a wider, softer stereo field. There’s even a built-in tilt stand to direct sound where it’s needed. It can also automatically adjust the volume based on incoming signals. There’s even a $79 battery pack that can power the Spark Live for up to eight hours.

Along with Live, Positive Grid also announced Spark Control X, a Bluetooth foot controller for the Spark line of amplifiers. It can be connected to Spark Live down to the smallest points Spark Go. It has six customizable footswitches, MIDI support, an expression pedal, and a built-in rechargeable battery. Positive Grid even includes three clear overlays that you can write on with a dry erase marker so you know what each link does.

To round out the deluge of announcements for NAMM 2024, Positive Grid also introduced. Spark Link wireless guitar system. Wireless guitar streaming systems are nothing new, but the Positive Grid blows away other players with its $129 price tag. And he claims Link has a range of 70 feet, which is 20 feet more than most.

All of Positive Grid’s new products are available for pre-order directly from the company. The Spark Live will retail for $549, but there is a $50 off coupon available during the pre-order period. The Spark Control X and Spark Link are available for pre-order for $149 and $129, respectively.

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