Samsung expands self-repair program to include home entertainment devices

Samsung has now announced that it will enter into a self-repair program In addition to providing original spare parts and repair tools, the company has developed a series of step-by-step repair manuals for various products in the category.

This program covers Samsung 2023 TVs, their remotes and monitors released within the last year. In addition, the self-service program now includes a second-generation Freestyle projector and selected soundbars. You can directly from the company.

Of course, the program does not cover every repair issue. The software for TVs and monitors only solves problems related to picture, power, WiFi connection, sound and remote control. Software for soundbars covers HDMI and optical connections, power, audio and wireless issues. According to Samsung, most of these problems can be solved with common tools like a Phillips head screwdriver.

The company has been on a self-renovation frenzy in recent months. Samsung in December to foldable devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. The company in the first part of 2023 to the app by connecting to pre-existing Galaxy products.

To that end, Samsung has just announced a wider range of self-repair parts for devices included in the program. This includes speakers, SIM trays, side buttons, volume buttons, display bezels, back glass, and charging ports for phones and tablets. Galaxy Book owners can now do DIY repairs to fix the speakers and fan. Meanwhile, rival Apple the best record in the self-repair movement.

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