Apple might have sold up to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets over pre-order weekend

Apple is $3,499 Vision Pro not for everyone and actually the latest pre order estimates reflect a slow start for it VR spatial computing device. According to the analyst Min-Chi Kuo Based on estimates based on pre-order inventory and lead times, he estimates the company sold between 160,000 and 180,000 Vision Pro headsets over the past weekend. It already far surpasses Kuo previous production figures Targeting an initial release of between 60,000 and 80,000 units on February 2, it’s no surprise that the Vision Pro sold out immediately after pre-orders opened.

While this sounds like positive news, Kuo noted that if delivery times remain unchanged in the first 48 hours, it could indicate that demand will drop off quickly after heavy users and die-hard fans pre-order. In contrast, iPhone orders typically “see a steady increase in delivery times within 24-48 hours of pre-orders opening.” But of course, the Vision Pro isn’t meant for the average consumer as it stands, especially given the lack of some key apps. YouTube, Spotify or Netflix. Not to mention the eye-watering $3,499 base price, although Apple later added a cheaper model In the ballpark of $1,500 to $2,500, according to a previous report Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Kuo added that even if the initial production figure of 80,000 units is sold, that’s only 0.007 percent of Apple’s 1.2 billion active users, making the Vision Pro a “very niche product” in people’s eyes. Cupertino. That said, the tech giant will have to somehow build and maintain demand for the headphones ahead of a global launch sometime before this year’s WWDC – most likely in June. Meanwhile, Apple is also busy setting up demo areas at its flagship stores in the US, hoping to make a few more sales with its products. 25 minute sessions.

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