The Rabbit R1 will offer up-to-date answers powered by Perplexity’s AI

The Rabbit R1 The presentation at CES left a lot of questions unanswered, but earlier today the brand finally shed some light on whether the LLM (large tongue model) will enhance the device’s merely mortal interaction with us. The AI ​​provider in question is none other than San Francisco-based Perplexity, which has ambitions to overtake Google in AI, so it’s no surprise that it’s already received investments from the likes of NVIDIA and Jeff Bezos.

Perplexity will provide the most up-to-date search results through Rabbit’s $199 orange brick, with no subscription required. However, the first 100,000 R1 buyers will receive a year’s subscription to Perplexity Pro – normally priced at $200 – for free. This advanced service adds file upload support, a daily quota of over 300 complex requests, and the ability to switch to other AI models (GPT-4, Claude 2.1 or Gemini), although these do not necessarily apply to R1’s use case.

Rabbit R1 developed by Junior Engineering, has a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a scroll wheel, two microphones, a speaker, a rotating camera, and a “Push-to-Talk” button. Using a Large Activity Model (LAM), this particular gadget can perform tasks such as booking trips, finding recipes based on ingredients you have, identifying people and objects (including items in your fridge, for example) or simply fact-checking. we now know it will rely on Perplexity’s real-time search engine. The R1 is available for pre-order before shipping in March or April.

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