Avowed, Obsidian’s big fantasy RPG, will land in fall 2024

Surefantasy role-playing game Outer worlds Studio Obsidian Entertainment will release on Xbox and PC in the fall. This is a minor update from the game’s original release window, just “2024.” Specifically, Sure Xbox Series X/S will hit PC via Xbox and Steam, and will be available through Game Pass on day one.

Sure is an expansive first-person RPG with old-school fantasy vibes. Players will embark on a journey across the Lands of the Living on a mission for the kingdom of Aedyr. A plague is spreading on the island of the Living Lands, and players are sent to investigate what’s going on – along the way, they’ll discover how personally connected they are to the region and its secrets.

The game supports multiple play styles, allowing players to approach combat and conversations in their own way. The world is filled with magic, monsters, firearms, swords and shields, and companions will join the party. If you like it Skyrimyou will probably like it Sure.

Known for creating obsidian Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Penitentiary, Outer worlds, and other games. Microsoft bought his studio in 2018.

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