The latest Samsung Frame TVs from 2023 are up to 37 percent off

The latest generation of Samsung’s beautiful Frame TVs With discounts up to 37 percent off MSRP. Every size of this TV gets a discount, although some are more robust than others. For example, the relatively small 43-inch model sells for about $730 instead of $1,000. This means a 27 percent discount.


That’s a record low price and a savings of 27 percent.

$728 at Woot

The best deal of the bunch is for the massive 85-inch Bezel TV, which costs around $2,700 instead of the original MSRP of $4,300. That’s a savings of $1,600, or 37 percent. Discounts on other models fall somewhere in the middle of this range. Check them all out on the Woot splash page.

If you haven’t heard of the Samsung Framework, here’s a quick refresher. It’s a TV that doubles as a frame for digital art. You can hang it on the wall like a real piece of art and it will show what you want. However, it’s also a smart TV, so you can stream crappy reality shows after you’re tired of watching classic art. A real win/win.

We gave him a brilliant writing and the edges of the picture frame and the mounting system that places it flush against the wall. In other words, until you start streaming Zack Snyder’s music, it really and truly looks like a piece of art. Rebel Moon and destroy everything.

We also liked the addition of Samsung’s Tizen OS and the fact that it only requires one thin wire to connect to an external receiver. This wire can even be tucked behind the drywall and thrown elsewhere to further enhance the illusion. The only downside is that this TV, by its very nature, is always on as long as it’s showing art. This leads to an energy consumption of about 50 watts per month, although there is a setting that will turn everything off at night when you go to bed.

It should be noted that this sale is for 2023 models, not the newly announced 2024 versions. was unveiled at CES last week. The latest update is not out yet.

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