Take-Two’s lawyers think Remedy’s new R logo is too similar to Rockstar’s R logo

Take-Two Interactive has challenged Remedy Entertainment’s newest logo, claiming the symbol infringes on Rockstar Games’ logo, despite the two having little in common other than the letter “R” representing the video game publisher. First informed by RemedyFirstThe trademark dispute involved two versions of the Remedy logo (one with the name of the companyone without) with the UK Intellectual Property Office in September.

UK IP rules say Take-Two’s objection to the logo suggests Rockstar’s parent company sees a “likelihood of confusion by the public”. Engadget has reached out to Take-Two and Remedy for comment, and we’ll update this article if we hear back.

The remedy revealed its new logo, which it describes as a “refreshed visual identity” that better reflects its current stable, away from the 23-year-old game, was unveiled last spring Control and Alan Wake. “The bullet in the R in the old logo represented the Max Payne era, but today’s Remedy is bigger than a single game; We have a whole portfolio of new and old games,” the publisher explained in a blog post in April.

“It’s time to update and redefine our visual identity to bring more consistency, showcase our evolution over the years, and better express our vision of Cure today,” the post continued.

Remedy's logo: a partially offset R, outlined in red, against a dark and forbidding forest.Remedy's logo: a partially offset R, outlined in red, against a dark and forbidding forest.

Remedy Entertainment

The icon was well received. Design blog Creative Blog he wrote, “Gamers can’t get enough” from the new logo. “The new Remedy logo is made of three ‘R’s’ that are chopped and stitched together as if the letter itself were moving; The curved right side of the R is arrow-shaped, and the points of the symbol form additional arrows pointing in new directions,” writes editor Ian Dean. Reactions on social networks were also positive.

Unfortunately, there are two studios currently working together Remedy’s new logo takes away from the game’s update. In April 2022, Remedy said it would collaborate with Rockstar on fully remastered versions of the first two Max Payne games, bringing the much-needed era franchise to a new generation.

RespawnFirst It noted that Take-Two’s legal team had precedent for being happy to attack IP in a way that stretched the definition of “infringement.” Publisher given A trademark lawsuit against Hazelight Studios for its game in 2021 It takes two. IGN highlighted Take-Two follows clothing brand Max Fayne, Florida-based ax throwing company Rockstar Ax Throwing, and a music book. Think like a rockstar. The company also has it sued GTA modders and reverse engineering creators Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City fan projects.

Take-Two got short shrift a taste of his own medicine In 2014, when actor Lindsay Lohan sued a publisher for using what she claimed was her likeness GTA V and its marketing materials. This was the case was fired The following year, video game parodies were on the grounds that they were fair game.

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