The next Call of Duty will reportedly hit Game Pass on its release day

Recent reports have suggested that Microsoft had been administrators he argues for a while Is it new? Call of Duty games to Game Pass on day one (ie release day). This seems like something that should have been figured out earlier spent 68.7 billion dollars At CoD publisher Activision Blizzard, however, it looks like Microsoft has finally come to a decision. according to The Wall Street Journalthe company will indeed be bringing its next Call of Duty title directly to Game Pass when it arrives later this year.

Doing so could mean Microsoft leaves hundreds of millions of dollars in game sales on the table, given that each annual Call of Duty release is one of the best-selling games of the respective year. However, the company has struggled to do so Significantly increase the number of Game Pass subscriptions last times.

Putting a new Call of Duty title out there will surely bring in new members. Microsoft will still make a lot of money from in-game purchases, sales on other platforms (agreed to sell CoD games) Game station, Nintendo and elsewhere for at least a decade after the Activision deal closes) and those who prefer to buy games directly on Xbox. Xbox exclusive games there is sold well generally on PlayStation. There’s always the possibility that Microsoft will raise the price of Game Pass to make up for some of the revenue it’s likely to lose from lower sales of the next Call of Duty entry on Xbox and PC.

First Microsoft bought it, Activision has largely shied away from putting its games on subscription services. While Call of Duty titles have been featured in games like PlayStation Plus in the past, this is usually the case. years later games were released first.

It said it would after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard closed late last year take some time have the publisher’s games appear on Game Pass. Only so far Diablo IV joined the service.

Having an all-new Call of Duty game on the subscription service on day one marks a major shift in strategy, though it’s in line with recent comments from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer. “Our goal is a full portfolio of games from ZeniMax, Activision Blizzard and XGS – Xbox Game Studios – that will be on Game Pass,” Spencer said. Game file in February. Xbox fans will also be pleased to know that it’s been a long time coming to put all first-party Microsoft releases on Game Pass on day one.

We’ll likely learn more about Microsoft’s plans for Call of Duty and other Activision games when it comes to Game Pass. Annual show on June 9. After the main showcase, it will focus on the “favorite franchise” expected to be CoD.

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