The Apple Watch Series 9 is back to $329, plus the rest of the week’s best tech deals

Big news in technology right now It’s CES in Las Vegas and our team checks new products all week. A a surprising amount the things we see are available for purchase now, but very few of them are on sale. As for what does on sale, it’s been a decent week for deals on current-model devices, with some reaching all-time lows. The Google Pixel 8 smartphones They’re back to Black Friday lows, as is one of our favorites fitness trackers. A number of Tile trackers cheaper than ever and Apple Watch Series 9 Returned to $329. Here are the best tech deals you can get this week.

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Thanks to an 18 percent discount on Amazon 41mm Apple Watch Series 9 It dropped to $329. While the smartwatch has dropped to $310, that’s near an all-time low in short in December. This week’s sale applies to most colors and the larger 45mm case size, although if history is any indication, the models may start to sell out. Wearable is our top pick Apple Watch and wearable we recommend on every brand out there. It has the fitness and health tracking features that Apple watches are known for, plus seamless iPhone integration. New for Series 9 Tap it twice A feature that lets you answer calls and start timers with just a pinch.

$329 on Amazon


Walmart offers a four-pack Tile Mate tags in gray for $38. These trackers retail for $25 each when they’re not on sale (although they’re often on sale for around $17), so that’s 62 percent off the full sticker price. If you’re tired of misplacing your keys or just want to easily find your jacket or backpack, these handy fobs can help.

we did a bunch of tests from the more popular Bluetooth trackers and found a lot to like in the Tile version. The Tile Mate is both louder than Apple’s AirTags and rings longer when you ping it from the app. The search network is nowhere near as wide as Apple’s, but there are millions of active Tile users, so there are plenty of devices anonymously looking for your lost tile. Compared to AirTag, it only took a few minutes to find the China tracker and the location was almost accurate. Plus Tile works with Android phones.

$38 at Walmart


The Beats Fit Pro headphones It’s our pick for the best wireless workout headphones in our guide. Right now, the buds in Volt Yellow, Coral Pink, and Tidal Blue are down to $160, their all-time low. Traditional colors like gray and black are currently 10 percent off.

The buds work with both Apple and Android phones and support multi-point connectivity that allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time. An IPX4 water resistance rating and a secure yet comfortable fit make them ideal for workouts. Active noise cancellation will keep you immersed in your playlist when you’re on the treadmill, but if you’re on a run in the real world, transparency mode will keep you aware of what’s around you when you’re listening.

$160 on Amazon

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Amazon sells several different ones Google Pixel phones with a discount this week. This includes the Google Pixel 8, which has gone back to its previous state Black Friday is down $549 or 21 percent off the $699 MSRP. We think the Google Pixel 8 The best Android smartphone you can buy it now. Google’s latest phone combines a brilliant display, improved cameras and helpful AI tools to make your photos and videos even better. Plus, Google has committed to seven years of software support for the Pixel 8, longer than any other Android phone on the market.

Ours a lovely mid-range Android smartphone is, is, is, is Pixel 7a, which is currently marked down from $499 to $399, a 20 percent discount. That’s about $25 more than its all-time low, but it’s still a lot of phone for the price.

$549 on Amazon


The Google Pixel watch is $50 off at Target and its store Amazon, bringing it to $300. we think Google’s latest smartwatch is a big improvement over the previous generation, with a longer-lasting battery, new fitness sensors, and a stress management feature that identifies and helps you diffuse the stressful moments of the day. And like the first Pixel watch, it’s beautifully designed.

$300 at Target


Sling TV

Sling TV offers a half-price deal on your first month of service. You can get Sling Blue or Sling Orange — two packages with slightly different channel offerings — for $20 for the first month, or the two together for $27.50. Single packages are usually $40 per month or $55 per month for a combo. Sling TV is one of many ways to watch live TV channels, including sports and news stations, without a cable commitment or higher cost, and unlike cable, you can cancel fairly painlessly with no penalty. We named Sling the best choice live tv streaming guide because it has a clean interface, good recommendations based on your viewing history, and lets you customize your channels with various add-on packages and rewards.

$28 on Sling TV


Premium plan for Dashlane password manager Sold for $40 a year, As part of the New Year offer when you use the code NY24. The plan normally costs $60 per year, giving it a 40 percent discount. Dashlane is one of the best we recommend password managers in our guide and the plan even includes VPN access. One thing to note is the lack of support for Linux.

$40 at Dashlane

Kasa Smart

The budget option we offer smart light guide It’s more wallet-friendly thanks to discounts and coupons on Amazon. Four packs of TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi lamps It has fallen to $26, which brings it back to the low it hit on Black Friday. We like that they’re easy to set up and stay securely connected, and that their companion mobile app is clean and easy to use. You can adjust the warmth of the white light or choose from an infinite range of different colors. They also allow you to set schedules and program routines through the Kasa app or smart home platforms from Amazon or Google.

$26 on Amazon

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The latest addition to our power bank guide Agile Champion Pro we found that it provides super fast charging from a more eco-friendly package. It’s down to $76 from the manufacturer, a 24 percent discount off the $100 MSRP. There are two USB-C ports, both of which allow you to charge a device or charge the battery itself. The recycled material has a cool speckled look, and there’s an extra ribbon that doesn’t serve much of a functional purpose, but looks cute nonetheless. But the real reason to keep this handy is its ability to charge your smartphone when you’re away from an outlet. In our testsit charged the battery on the Galaxy S23 Ultra from five to 100 percent in less than an hour.

$76 at Nimble


we note Samsung’s T9 external SSD Because it gives you more storage for iPad with USB-C newer version of the driver we recommend storage manual. The portable SSD has a sleek, palm-sized design, fast speeds of up to 2000MB/s, and good data protection modes. We haven’t tested these yet, but we were big fans of the previous T7 generation, and Samsung says they’re twice as fast.

$110 at Adorama

Photo: Amy Skorheim / Engadget

Anker is small Nano Power Bank will give an Android phone (or iPhone 15) a quick partial charge via the foldable USB-C connector. It’s currently just under $20 instead of the $30 list price. We’ve seen it drop this low before, but this deal was only for Prime members. Everyone can take advantage of this discount. It’s one of the options in our battery bank guide because it’s pretty easy to throw in a pack and always quick to charge when you need it.

$20 on Amazon


Logitech’s Pebble mouse made our list a guide to fertility mice. Logitech came out recently new generationthe Pebble Mouse 2 M350s, adds a customizable middle slider, a recycled materials texture, and new colors. Amazon is currently selling the mouse for $25, its lowest price ever and a 17 percent discount. In addition to the new features, the mouse switches between three devices, clicks silently and lasts up to two years on a single AA battery.

Some more Logitech goodness is on sale including now the pink version of the web cam it created a buzz among us guide to those devices.

$25 on Amazon


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