NASA’s new X-59 plane could hit supersonic speeds with minimal sonic boom

NASA’s X-59 Quest supersonic commercial aircraft the flight test will be broadcast live to demonstrate how quiet it can be in the air. The title, short for Quiet SuperSonic Tech, will be demonstrated live in a dramatic exit from Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works facility in Palmdale, California. Since 2018, NASA has been on a mission to prove that the X-59 can fly over cities without creating noise pollution or booms. This test flight marks an important milestone in the six-year project.

The first flight will be streamed on January 12 at 4:00 PM ET on YouTube, as well as on the NASA app and NASA+ streaming service.

The space agency said it would question people about the noise they heard from the jet during the first flight. He did not specify how he would find these people or how many people he would interview. The data collected will be sent to regulators and used to help propose new rules restricting the use of supersonic jets. The all civil supersonic aircraft flying over land for more than five decades.

When NASA Silent silent technology project in 2018, admin , “This aircraft has the potential to change aviation in the United States.” Although the spacecraft is slated to fly for the first time in 2021, today’s debut still marks a major milestone in the QueSST mission. By 2027, NASA expects it reduces flight noise.

Eventually, if new laws are passed to allow supersonic jets to fly close to land, high-speed commercial flights could become a reality. After NASA and Lockheed Martin finalize development of the plane, the agency said it will conduct safety assessments for about nine months. After enough evidence is shared to prove that Quest can fly safely, NASA plans to expand flight tests to cities across the United States and gather more information about the noise it creates through additional surveys.

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