Google Maps’ speedometer finally comes to iOS and CarPlay

Google Maps provides speedometer and speed limit indicators for iOS and CarPlay. informed. Android has had both features since 2019, and Waze has them . iPhone users can now use Google Maps to measure their driving speed.

To enable it, tap your profile picture on Google Maps and go to Settings > Navigation. Scroll down to the map screen section and you’ll see switches for the speedometer and speed limit functions. When activated, the speedometer will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If you exceed the speed limit, the speedometer will change colors to remind you to slow down.

Google has informed about this on its website the speedometer is “used for informational purposes only” and should not be used to replace your vehicle’s actual speedometer. This is because your actual driving speed may differ from the speed shown on Google Maps. Just keep one thing in mind for your own safety.

The new speed features have been seen being used by iPhone owners in India, and Google will roll them out worldwide in the coming weeks.

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