Netflix has reimagined Minesweeper and it’s out now

The latest title to join the Netflix Games roster is a very modern take on one of the icons of Windows computing. That’s right, you can play now Minesweeper Through the Netflix app. The classic computer puzzle game has been reimagined with an international setting, tasking the player to literally search for underwater mines by overlaying the usual interface of numbers and flags over live images of waterways from around the world.

For those of us who grew up playing the original game, this take from Netflix is ​​definitely a departure in looks. Colorful water backgrounds? Travel mode? So? However, the Netflix version has a definite bonus, which the trailer announces at the close: “No in-game ads. No extras. No in-app purchases.” Trying to find a modern day Minesweeper the game for mobile involves browsing through countless variants that mimic the look of the original but are either ad-supported or require a purchase to become ad-free.

Minesweeper is also an interesting retro addition to the vast collection of titles on Netflix. The company has its own approach to card games Hearts and Solitaire along with likes indie lovers Hell and international mega-hits From Grand Theft Auto series. Plus there are some games Tune in to Netflix’s own programming. The company definitely cast a wide net with this effort.

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