Modder remakes scrapped alternate ending for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It’s always fun to see alternate video game endings. It’s even better if a talented moderator remakes an alternate ending that was previously scrapped by the game’s developer. Someone did this by creating an alternate ending for it The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt using footage originally dropped by CD Projekt Red.

YouTuber xLetalis shared video details of modifying restorations Glass fish added to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after the game’s original storyline ends. (Note that some spoilers for the game follow!) The game ends with Geralt being kicked out of his battle with Eredin by Yennefer, his potential partner and sorceress. However, a reworked cutscene shows Geralt waking up in a tent and receiving care from two doctors, betting on his survival rate. From there, he leaves the hospital and talks to Yennefer, whose dialogue varies depending on whether he is in love with her or another mage, Triss. Regardless of who Geralt met in the original game, you can ask where Ciri is or who won the war.

The extended ending continues with more deleted content, including Geralt attending Krak’s funeral, meeting his Wizarding Lodge, and Yennefer betraying the Lodge to save Ciri. xLetalis speculated towards the end of the video that CD Projekt Red changed their mind about including Yennefer’s betrayal in the final game for creative reasons. for example, preferring to match the player’s motivations with the rhythm of the storybecause there are no internal or PR contacts within the company to confirm this.

Recovering content deleted by Glassfish is made possible by CD Projekt Red Releases REDkit modding tool for PC version The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in may Last year, the company announced a modding tool for PC gamers to breathe new life into the game however they want. REDkit was previously released for Witcher 2, but as far as we know, it wasn’t used to include previously scrapped scenes in the game as we see them now. As for the origin of the removed content, Glassfish pulled it from content that was cut from the main game but still in the game’s files.

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