Extreme E is now Extreme H, a hydrogen-powered racing series starting 2025

Extreme E, the premium off-road EV racing series, is going hydrogen. The series announced this week that it is rebranding , and introduced a hydrogen-powered race car it called the Pioneer 25 to kick off the transition. The first season is scheduled to begin in April 2025 in Saudi Arabia, travel to England, Germany, Italy and conclude in the United States.

Extreme E , testing electric SUVs in (as you’d expect) extreme environments like the desert. It has some great teams on board, . This year marks the fourth season of Extreme E. One About the transition to hydrogen, founder and CEO Alejandro Agag said the move is “not just about e-mobility; it’s about creating green energy solutions that can be applied anywhere, from remote locations to bustling cities.”

“By launching Extreme H, we are not only demonstrating the viability of hydrogen as a fuel source, but we are also testing the broader hydrogen ecosystem, including hydrogen charging and transportation, and helping to create a market for it,” Agag wrote. Extreme H’s flagship race car, the Pioneer 25, is powered by a 75 kW hydrogen fuel cell.

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