Threads can now show replies from Mastodon and other fediverse apps

Meta just made an important update for Threads users who share posts with fediverse. The company has begun allowing users to connect to share Threads posts on Mastodon and other services powered by ActivityPub. . But the integration has been fairly limited, with Threads users unable to view replies to their posts and most other interactions without switching to the Mastodon client or another application.

This is changing now. The Threads program will now be able to and the likes of Mastodon and other services, Meta announced. The change marks the first time that Threads users who have opted in to fediverse sharing will be able to see fediverse-generated content directly in Threads.

Although there are still some limitations. Meta says that annoyingly, Threads users won’t be able to directly reply to replies from fediverse users. He also notes that “some responses may not appear,” so Threads’ notifications still won’t be the most reliable place to track your engagement.

Meta also announced that the feature is expanding live sharing options for more users. . (Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the company hopes to roll out fediverse beta features everywhere “soon.”)

Changes are an important step for anyone considering their future . While Meta Threads has been a little slow to deliver on its promises to support ActivityPub, the app has the potential to attract tens of millions of people to the fediverse.

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