‘Dead Rising’ is back with a new Deluxe Remaster

Capcom announced a new remaster of the 2006 zombie shooter Dead Rising. New update, Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, currently slated for release this year on “next-generation platforms.” We can assume that means at least the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, though it could also hit previous-gen consoles. Both Frank West and Willamette Parkview Mall look great (although Frank has a different voice in this version). This project looks like a major rebuild with completely redesigned assets, but we have no confirmation yet on the extent of possible changes. Check out the teaser above to see the differences.

This is the second time Capcom has overhauled the look of this fan-favorite title. It received an HD remaster in 2016, celebrating the ten year anniversary of the original and bringing with it updates. Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Modern circuit to run at 1080p and 60 fps. But gaming hardware has made more strides since then, so the Deluxe Remaster could up the ante to 4K, or perhaps add some HDR to make those blood splatters look brighter. After all, Frank is a photographer. You need to switch to the best image quality.

It’s been a quiet few years from the Dead Rising team. after for Dead Rising 4the only other big news was the presence of Capcom responsible for the franchise. After the layoffs that plagued much of the gaming business, it’s heartening to see that this silly, confusing series is still being cared for somewhat.

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