Super Mario Party Jamboree comes to Switch in October

The newest title in the Mario Party series was announced this morning Super Mario Party Jamboree It will be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 17th.

Super Mario Party Jamboree will feature 110 mini-games and five new game boards that are part of a large island resort: Rainbow Galleria, Roll ‘Em Raceway, King Bowser’s Keep, Mega Wiggler’s Tree Party and Goomba Lagoon. Each board features different game mechanics and environmental hazards. For example, a lucky roll of the Turbo Dice allows you to move up to 40 spaces in Roll ‘Em Raceway, while the tide can change your route in Goomba Lagoon. Some minigames will require you to shake the Joy-Con controllers, while others will require you to tilt them.

To make everything beautiful from Mario’s Rainbow Castle Mario Party and from the Western Lands Mario party 2 are added as maps for fans to review. Plus, up to 20 players can play against each other online in a new competitive race mode called Koopathlon.

Super Mario Party Jamboree coming just six years after the series’ last main entry – Super Mario Party – and three years later , updated classic boards from the Nintendo 64 era. These boards include Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Cake from the first two games. in 2022.

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